• username and password...plz write it down somewhere
  • different levels of students here...might make things a bit difficult for some of you...i you get bored...i am what I show you though...I think you will get some ideas in how to use wikis more effectively with your can have another tab open and be working on your own wiki if you wish...but I will be asking you to work on this wiki...Wikis can be humongous websites in their on right.
  • name game...your name...what you web level...fav. read/write web tool...fav blizzard flavor...and then do the person write before you
  • fill out form here
  • demonstrate about manage wiki a little...PERMISSIONS...
  • what we do first...not gonna make sense til later...
  • logging the wiki...
  • create home pages...

picture of me on computer working with kids while they are on computer...

external image 7317064896_a7b4223b91_c.jpg

  • what do you see
  • what does an administrator see
  • what does a parent see

MY Ideal teaching Situation VS yours...IDEAL...for trying new things...very advantageous

  • last three years...1 to 1 gifted classroom...intelligent kids who want to learn...
  • 10-15 students at a time...
  • smaller groups...and these kids learned to help eachother out...
  • much of what I show you will be difficult to do without a similar situation...
  • but I still believe you will be able to use bits and pieces of what I show you...

links to my wikis on any of my wikis...

my wikis
Kid's Wikis
North Legacy Wiki
East Legacy Wiki
NMS Jishou Wiki
EMS Jishou Wiki
NMS Engineering
EMS Engineering
Mathew H.

NMS News Paper Planning
Grizzly Gazette

  • find something that sticks out to you...that you think is a good use of a wiki
  • find something that sticks out to you that is a poor use of the wiki
  • find something that you have a question about
  • find something that you want to LEARN how to do
  • give me a compliment anytime you can as I suffer from extremely low self-esteem

Problems I have encountered

  • de - Pager
  • wikimail spammer
  • loss of pages

Positives and successes I have had

  • kids start using them for their own work
  • wikimail and kids opening up
  • communication
  • creativity....and getting to know kids
  • Kids evaluating the work of others
  • connecting kids to other students in other places
  • connecting them to eachother...we are all working on the same piece of paper...

Features of wikispaces

  • Appearance
  • user creator
  • privacy settings
  • history
  • page Creation
  • tables
  • invite/joining
  • communication
    • wikimail
    • discussion tabs
  • editable pages
  • inserting files
  • hyperlinking
  • editing navigation
  • widgets
  • Tagging
  • navigation control
    • creating your own navigation bar
    • each student has own website
    • ease of grading and evaluating work of students by teachers, students or others...depending on
  • embedding web pages on a wikipage
  • page
  • backgrounds
  • clustrmaps
  • voki
  • filetypes
    • audio
    • video
    • images
    • ppt
    • word/pdf/excel/ ...any digital file can be uploaded

Wikis in Plain English by leelefever